Look who stopped by Distilled NY

April 10, 2016

Can you guess which model, author, chef, and tv star held a photoshoot at Distilled last month?

It was none other than the lovely and talented,  Padma Lakshmi working the camera for New York Moves magazine.



Of course, we tried to act “New York Cool” the whole time (that’s when you’re mere feet away from a celebrity, but you wouldn’t dare let them know that you see them there). That didn’t last very long.

Also stopping by was Celebrity Taste Makers host Lisa Mateo and Michael Rapaport to mix it up with Chef Shane.





(📷: Lisa Mateo)

Our partner, Drew Nieporent (Tribeca Grill) and famed actor, Danny Aiello dropped in on the fun.


Finally, camera crews and stars shot a segment from TLC’s hit series, My Giant Life, to wrap up an exciting month. If you’re interested in using Distilled as a backdrop for your photoshoot, show, or film, drop us a line.



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  • April 18, 2016Ellie Kincade says-

    Whoooooohoooooo! How fun! Love this community expansion and the website is fantabulous. Mystery Mama from Pacific Grove, Cali…

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