Even the Bronx Bombers have to eat

May 20, 2016
Yankee stadium

Now that baseball’s back in full swing (see what we did there), we’re happy to be back cooking for the boys in blue in the Yankee’s clubhouse. We’ve returned to The Bronx for another season of post-game spreads for our favorite players.

Sorry, no locker room pics (this is a family establishment after-all), but check out our crew doing what they do best:

yankee baseball

Team camaraderie is strong as “Captain” Shane and Chef Stephen hug it out.

yankee baseball

Chef Matt & Chef Eric wait for the call to get to work.

jorge, yankee baseball

Chef Jorge knocks it out of the park with this mac & cheese dish.

salmon, yankee baseball

We’re out of baseball puns, so here’s Chef Eric preparing some salmon.

yankee baseball

The Yankees tend to win on the nights that we cook. Coincidence? Superstition?


At the end of the day, we’re just honored to be invited back. Baseball’s in our blood. We go way back, to simpler times of peanuts and Cracker Jack, and a young Nick in uniform.


Nick Iovacchini at bat, circa the 90s. He was quite “striking”              (We found one more 👍).



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